Loft in Cruchten

The rehabilitation of an old shed in the countryside of Luxembourg. The client brief called for a minimal residential intervention with quality finishes. The plot is situated on a highly frequented street and on the opposite direction a train rail made its way through the cornfields. These circumstances were creating challenges regarding the rights of light, absorbing sounds and overlooking. The development contains two storeys. The house addresses both the street and park with a symmetrical façade of handmade bricks. The small glazing screening the living spaces from the road and the generous openings on the south side direction fields, are flooding the space with natural light. Triple glazing was used to not only block the noises from the trains but also to generate a high standard in energy consume. The lightning system is defined by passive
and active lighting in the layered ceilings. The Bathroom is a monolithic cube situated in the
middle of the upper floor and acts like a sculpture in the room. The non-divided floorplan feels therefore like a continuous and bigger space.


State: Realized

Gross floor area: 69 m2

Client: confidential